Request for Expression of Interest services Maintenance electrical and water installation Upstream

26 June 2024

Request for Expression of Interest
Vertrouwen in eigen kunnen
Staatsolie Maatschappij Suriname N.V. is soliciting interest from suppliers who have the skills, competencies, and experience to carry out the works listed below. This is an Expression of Interest and not an Invitation to Bid.
Interested suppliers must provide evidence that they are qualified to perform the indicated services, such as similar assignments, experience in similar projects, availability of appropriate skills and expertise. Suppliers who meet these general requirements and competencies interested in participating in the tendering process are invited to express their interest. To submit the Expression of Interest together with the company profile, click here

The Expression of Interest must be submitted through the Staatsolie website not later than 8 July 2024, 23.00 hrs. Suriname time.