Letter Expression of Interest for Fuel Tranpsort Nickerie

Staatsolie Maatschappij Suriname N.V. is soliciting interest from contractors who have the skills, competencies, experience, equipment and technical requirements to carry out the Services listed below. This is an Expression of Interest and not an Invitation to Bid. Interested contractor must provide evidence that they are qualified to perform the indicated services, such as similar assignments, experience in similar projects, availability of appropriate skills, expertise, equipment and technical requirements.


Staatsolie is delivering its products, fuel oil and Ultra-Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD), through a contractor to the end customer in the district Nickerie. The products are loaded at the jetty of the Staatsolie Refinery at Tout Lui Faut (TLF), transported to be stored at the emplacement of the contractor and from there it must be distributed to the customer.

Scope of Services

Fuel oil and diesel transport from Paramaribo to Nickerie by barge
Technical requirements:

  • Barge requirement: double hull, minimum 2 segregations
  • approximately 15,000 bbls/month

Fuel oil & diesel storage at Nickerie
Technical requirements:

  • Tank capacity per product min. 1,500 bbls
  • Dedicated transfer pump per product
  • Separate pipeline per product
  • Loading station within a contained area incl. grounding, loading arm, flowmeter, strainer and emergency stop

Transport to end customers in Nickerie
Technical requirements:

  • Trucks with calibrated register flow meter
  • Trucks with designated compartment for fuel oil and diesel

Submit Letter

Contractors who meet the general requirements and are interested in participating in the tendering process are invited to express their interest.

Contractors can complete a survey and upload their Expression of Interest here. 

Contractors who are not registered with Staatsolie as supplier will be contacted to go through the prequalification process.

The Expression of Interest must be submitted by 31 May 2023, at 15:30 hrs. Suriname time.  Evaluation of the submitted Expressions of Interest will result in a shortlist of potential bidders, who will receive a Request for Proposal in the second half of this year.