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Staatsolie and GOw2 now also green friends of Conservation International Suriname


Staatsolie and its subsidiary GOw2 have been officially welcomed as Friends Of Green Suriname (FOGS) by Conservation International Suriname (CIS) on 13 June 2018. The agreements were signed at Staatsolie’s head office by John Goedschalk, Director CIS, Rudolf Elias, Staatsolie Managing Director and Page Gray, Director of GOw2.

John Goedschalk (CIS) flanked here by Page Gray(l) and Rudolf Elias(r).


Staatsolie and GOw2 have now joined the business platform of CIS. Through this platform, CIS offers local companies an opportunity to financially support their activities regarding nature conservation. For three years, Staatsolie and GOw2 will participate in the FOGS program which aims to support nature conservation projects that have a major impact and directly contribute to local well-being. From 2017 to 2020, FOGS focuses on the development of non-timber products, ecotourism, protection of endangered wild species and improved fishery.

Staatsolie and GOw2 have policies and guidelines to ensure that the environment is minimally or not impacted as a result of their operations. By participating in the FOGS program they underline the importance of nature preservation and the fact that it is not limited to areas in which they are operating.

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