Nearshore Drilling Project

Staatsolie wants to safeguard its long-term future. The current oil fields have been in production for 38 years and therefore it is necessary to find new reserves. In 2015 we already explored for oil in the nearshore, the shallow sea near the coast. That research gave us sufficient indications to explore a larger area. A large number of possible drilling locations with the best chance of success was identified. The Nearshore Drilling Project has been set up to carry out exploration drilling. The program started on 1 April 2019. In eleven months, five to nine exploration wells will be drilled in an area of over 11,000 km2.


For more information, please contact:

Sherida Asinga, Project Corporate Communication Officer.
Phone.: 0375222 ext.66463
(Monday to Friday 7:30 hrs – 15.30 hrs).


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