LCSF 4 March 2021

With the advent of oil and gas discoveries, it is a strategic priority for Suriname to deepen specific supply chains which will result in: local participation in this emerging industry, a higher value retention in-country and a greater spill-over into the broader economy. Suriname has a group of high-capacity companies who, with minimal to no effort, can fully participate in this industry. However, we need to raise our standards and enhance the competitiveness of Surinamese companies in order to unlock significant local content opportunities.

The role of Staatsolie Hydrocarbon Institute (SHI) with regard to the development of local content is to:
• Facilitate the dialogue between contractors and potential local suppliers, so that these suppliers receive information about the operations and the opportunities with the aim for possible future participation or support to the offshore industry.
• Collaborate with contractors in order to create opportunities for training and certification which should allow further development and growth of the sector.

Within this role a Local Content Service Forum was held on 4 March 2021. Total Exploration & Production Suriname B.V. provided information about:
• Current and upcoming operational activities in Suriname
• Total’s local content strategy
• Total’s contractual strategy and process in Suriname (including the pre-qualification process, the standards and the compliance requirements)
• Two-year outlook.


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