CANJE Formation

The Suriname-Guyana Basin is characterized by the presence of a world-class ACT (Albian Cenomanian Turonian) source rock of the Canje Formation. This source rock is the lateral equivalent of the La Luna shale in Venezuela and Naparima Hill in Trinidad. Oil from this source has been produced from the Tambaredjo, Calcutta and Tambaredjo Northwest oil-fields onshore Suriname. This source rock also seemed to have sourced the recent major discoveries in the deep offshore of Suriname.

Characteristics of the Canje Formation:

  • Gross Thickness: up to 550m.
  • TOC: 4-7% in shelf break setting, up to 30% in deepwater setting.
  • Type SR: Marine Type II.
  • Maturity: Maturity model shows the onset of maturity as early as 40 Ma in the east, to 45Ma in the west.
  • Migration distance: mainly SSE through Cretaceous and Early Tertiary channels.
  • Migration distance: has distance up to 100-150km (note: the distance from onshore Tambaredjo Oil Field to offshore kitchen).


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