Staatsolie Hydrocarbon Institute


Staatsolie was set up in 1980 to monitor the operations of Gulf Oil that had an agreement to execute petroleum operations offshore Suriname. In the year 2000, the strategic decision was taken to also develop the regulators role. The division Petroleum Contracts was set up to embody that role.


Staatsolie Hydrocarbon Institute must optimize the value from petroleum operations for the Surinamese society through prudent resource management with utmost respect for the environment and the highest regard for safety.

  1. Manage petroleum data of Suriname (NDR).
  2. Assess of petroleum potential of the Suriname part of the Guiana Basin.
  3. Define the exploration strategy for open acreage.
  4. Promote petroleum investment by third parties.
  5. Negotiate petroleum contracts.
  6. Supervise, technically and financially, the petroleum operations of the IOCs.
  7. Liaison with governmental authorities to improve the petroleum infrastructure in Suriname.

Legislation and Guidelines

By virtue of the Mining Decree (Official Gazette 1986, no 28) concession rights for petroleum activities are granted exclusively to state enterprises. According to the Petroleum Law (Official Gazette 1991, no 7), state enterprises with petroleum concession rights, are authorized to enter into petroleum agreements with other established petroleum companies.

Suriname's mining and hydrocarbon legislation and guidelines adhere to international standards and best practices. These ensure respect for rights and obligations. Also, our production sharing contract is of world-class.

Active Production Sharing Contracts

The first contract to execute petroleum operations offshore Suriname was signed with Gulf Oil in 1980. With the establishment of Petroleum Contracts, now Staatsolie Hydrocarbon Institute, numerous production sharing contracts were signed. Currently there are 12 active production sharing contracts. The contract gives the contractors the authority to operate in the respective block on behalf of Staatsolie.


The Suriname-Guyana Basin is a sedimentary basin encompassing the coastal area of French Guiana, Suriname, Guyana and the eastern part of Venezuela (Antillean Arch). Most of the Guyana-Suriname Basin lies offshore, where the sediment package becomes thicker as the basin grows deeper. The outcrop of crystalline Proterozoic basement, the Guiana Shield, marks the southern limit.

Commercial production is for the time being only in the onshore Tambaredjo, Calcutta and Tambaredjo Northwest Fields in Suriname, with an original STOIIP of 1 Billion barrels. These fields are currently producing approximately 16,000 BOPD. Staatsolie has been, for the last 30 years, the sole operator of these fields.

Basin Evolution

Geological Framework

Petroleum Systems



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Angèle Ramsaransing-Karg (Director)
Staatsolie Hydrocarbon Institute (SHI)