During the past 33 years Staatsolie has developed from a grass-roots operation into an integrated oil company, contributing significantly to the Surinamese economy.

Staatsolie en Apache Corporation sluiten PSC voor offshore-blok 58

Staatsolie Maatschappij Suriname NV en het Amerikaanse Apache Corporation hebben op woensdag 24 juni 2015 een productiedelingscontract gesloten voor exploratie, ontwikkeling en productie van het offshore-blok 58.
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Petroleum Investment Opportunities

Offshore Suriname is virtually un-explored, with only 22 exploration wells drilled in an area of approximately 150,000 square km. Find out about the opportunities....

Annual Report 2014
Annual Report 2014

The consolidated gross revenues amounted to US$ 1,056 million, 3% higher than 2013. The average product net sales price was US$ 85.34 per barrel compared to US$ 98.97 per barrel in 2013, a decrease of 14%. This decrease in the oil prices was fully compensated by a volume increase of 19% from trading activities and a 60% increase in electricity production. The profit before tax decreased by 7% amounting to US$ 400 million compared to US$ 432 million in 2013. This decrease was primarily caused by the product-mix consisting of more lower margin sales, and higher interest expenses. Consequently contributions to the government budget on an accrual basis decreased by 9% amounting to US$ 259 million: US$ 122 million for taxes and US$ 137 million for dividend. Total investment expenditures increased to US$ 457 million compared to US$ 304 million in 2013, primarily due to the Refinery Expansion Project reaching its investment peak in 2014.

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Staatsolie Magazine
The Staatsolie News 2015 June edition is now available.

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Vision, Mission and Values

Vision 2030

  • Leading the sustainable development of Suriname’s energy industry
  • Becoming a regional player with a global identity in the energy market
  • Making a strong contribution to the advancement of our society.


  • To develop Suriname's hydrocarbon potential over the full value chain, to
    generate electricity, and to develop renewable sustainable energy resources.
  • To secure the energy supply of Suriname and to establish a solid position
    in the regional market.
  • To expand our reputation based on our growth performance, flexibility and
    corporate social responsibility.



HSEC Focused: We put health and safety first, strive for zero harm to our people and the communities around us, and minimize negative impacts upon the environment.

Integrity: We are honest and do what we say we will do.

People Focused: We Create a supportive and collaborative environment, respect each other, are open to other's ideas and facilitate personal and professional growth.

Excellence: We set high standards for quality, strive to exceed expectations and do our work with a sense of urgency.

Accountability: We accept responsibility for our job and actions, are co-operative, and create a non-blaming environment.


Realization of a Dream: Staatsolie, a Model for the Development of Natural Resources in Suriname By Eddy S. Jharap, former Managing Director of Staatsolie

In order to obtain development and prosperity, we cannot continue to have the hands out, but have to work ourselves. Eddy Jharap shows with an example from his own, how a descendant from indentured immigrants, born in an illiterate and poor family, have built a non traditional, but technological advanced petroleum company, Staatsolie, almost from scratch, in a politically turbulent small developing country, Suriname, South America.

De Back Story bij de “De realisatie van een droom (Staatsolie)” (in Dutch)
By Eddy S. Jharap, former Managing Director of Staatsolie

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