Doing Business with Staatsolie

Building Relationships

Staatsolie constantly strives to build relationships with the best suppliers. We look for suppliers based on sustainability, compliance, quality, on-time delivery and total cost. We have a selective bidding process based on which a selected number of suppliers are invited to bid on the purchase of certain goods and/or services.

The purchases of goods and services are centralized within the Supply Chain Management Division of Staatsolie in accordance with its Procurement Policy & Procedures (PPP).

While doing business with Staatsolie, all suppliers should comply with the purchase and payment guidelines, Staatsolie’s Code of Conduct and Staatsolie’s general terms and conditions.

We thank you again for your interest in our company and look forward to doing business in the future with all qualified suppliers.


Request Expression of Interest

Staatsolie Maatschappij Suriname N.V. is soliciting interest from contractors who have the skills, competencies, and experience to carry out the listed works. This is an Expression of Interest and not an Invitation to Bid. Interested contractor must provide evidence that they are qualified to perform the indicated services, such as similar assignments, experience in similar projects, availability of appropriate skills and expertise.If you meet the abovementioned general requirements, and if you are capable and interested in participating in the tendering process, please complete the prequalification form.

You can also submit your Expression of Interest in a signed letter (see bottom of the prequalification form) indicating the services of interest on our website not later than 10 December 2021, 15:30 hrs. Suriname time. Evaluation of the submitted Expressions of Interest will result in a shortlist of potential bidders who will receive a Request for Proposal in the first quarter of 2022.

If you are already registered as a supplier/contractor with Staatsolie, and are interested, please upload your signed letter of your Expression of Interest directly here


In order to guarantee smooth handling of your invoices within the agreed payment term, we would like to share the guidelines below with you.

General Terms & Conditions

When doing business with Staatsolie and its subsidiaries (GOw2 and SPCS) all suppliers must comply with our General Terms and Conditions.

The general Terms and Conditions of Staatsolie are registered at the Chamber of Commerce under file number 15741, and the Office of the Court under Registration Number 17-4667.

All General Terms and Conditions are available in English and Dutch. No other translations or versions than the officially released and below published Terms and Conditions shall be used.

Supplier Code of Conduct

Our Supplier Code of Conduct is the framework that explains the behavior Staatsolie and its subsidiaries (GOw2 and SPCS) expect from every supplier around the world. It is based on our business principles: HSEC Focused, Intergrity, People Focused, Excellence and Accountability.

It is imperative that our suppliers who we regard as our "extended enterprise" conduct business respectfully and with a high standard of integrity, in line with our business principles. As such, our Code of Conduct is intergrated in our day-to-day operation.