Floodlight on Local Content

After decades of offshore exploration, Suriname has made significant offshore hydrocarbon discoveries over the course of 2020 and 2021. These discoveries have intensified the offshore exploration and appraisal efforts of various license holders and provide a positive outlook for initial and subsequent offshore developments. As a prime stakeholder Staatsolie has decided to dedicate a special web page to local content. As developments are in a very preliminary stage, currently Staatsolie will inform other stakeholders of interesting (envisioned) developments as to provide interested parties information for early move into the Surinamese market. Staatsolie’s local content department is thereby open to engage with serious counterparts to provide any information. This will always be done on a level playing field basis.

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Supply Chain Opportunities

The circle represents supply chain opportunities for an O&G development. The inner circle shows the Specialist Oil & Gas services, the other circles represents the specialist and non-specialist supply chain opportunities.

Supplier Registration

If you want to offer goods and services to the Surinamese offshore oil and gas industry, please register your company at the Suriname Supplier Registration Portal (SRP). Keep checking back at the SRP for notifications regarding Requests for Interest from our partners and service providers in the offshore oil and gas Industry. 

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Documents, reports and other relevant information.

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Information about training sessions and courses, and training institutions.


Need to know more about local content development or the information of this page? Contact us at LCOffshore@staatsolie.com