b'6 Key Facts to Discover about StaatsolieWehavebeenproducingandrefiningcrude oil 1and selling petroleum products for decades.While offshore Suriname discoveries by international oil companies are new, Staatsolie has been in the oil business for almost 40 years. We produce 6 MMbbls of Saramacca Crude a year from three onshore oilfields.We refine our crude oil into high end products at our refinery with a capacity of 15 Kbbls a day. We sell our products, including diesel and gasoline,at our own retail gas stations.We produce renewable energy to generate 2electricity in Suriname.After concluding negotiations in 2019, on January 1, 2020, Staatsolietook over operation of the Afobaka Dam, a hydroelectric facilitycapable of generating 180 MW of power.We generate electricity thermally as well.3Staatsolie also owns and operates a thermal power plant with a capacity of96 MW. Together with the Afobaka Dam facility, Staatsolie generates 75%of the electricity used in Suriname.8 STAATSOLIE 2019 ANNUAL REPORT'