b'V I S I O NLeading the sustainable development of Surinames energy industry.Making a strong contribution to the advancement of our society.Becoming a regional player with a global identity in the energy market. M I S S I O NTo develop Surinames hydrocarbon potential over the full value chain, to generate electricity, and to develop renewable sustainable energy resources.To secure the energy supply of Suriname and to establish a solidposition in the regional market.To expand our reputation based on our growth performance, flexibilityand corporate social responsibility.VA L U E SHSEC Focused: We put health and safety first, strive forzero harm to our people and the communities around us,and minimize negative impacts upon the environment.Integrity: We are honest and do what we say we will do.People Focused: We create a supportive and collaborativeenvironment, respect each other, are open to others ideasand facilitate personal and professional growth.Excellence: We set high standards for quality, strive to exceedexpectations and do our work with a sense of urgency.Accountability: We accept responsibility for our job and actions,are co-operative, and create a non-blaming environment.2 STAATSOLIE 2019 ANNUAL REPORT'