b'In 2019, the Maka Central-1 well, the work of international oil companies, encountered oil in the deep waters of Block 58 offshore Suriname. With those 73 meters of oil pay, formally announced in January, 2020, a future Staatsolie has been workingtowardsforyearshasofficiallyarrived.Our company and our country will never be the same.TofullyrealizethebenefitsofMakaCentral-1andtheadditionalcommercialdiscoveriesweareconfidentwillfollowrequiresStaatsolietobecomeaworld-class enterprise, a partner of choice for international oil companies, capable of opening up to global investors and raising the capital needed to participate in our share of offshore operations.We are ready. By following our 2015-2020 Strategy for Successoverthepastfiveyears,wehavebeenpreparingfora future that begins now. It has been a strategy that optimizes our current upstream and downstream operations, leverages ourdiversification,andelevatesourcorporatestructuresand policies to best-in-class standards, placing Staatsolie in position to succeed.The future is bright because Staatsolie hasnever been stronger or more ready for the opportunities ahead.1'