b'We also drilled 126 new onshore producers in 2019 to compensate for production decline. We are currently conducting 3D seismic surveys in Calcutta North, Tambaredjo Northwest North and Tambaredjo North. By applying 3D seismic, appraisal wells can be drilled with more certainty and a higher success rate.Our work enhances onshore production including the horizontal drilling of test wells in 2019, and we will continue to look for innovative technology to maintain and increase our production, allowing us to recover reserves that would otherwise not be produced.Among the Upstream achievements in 2019:We exceeded our performance goal, producing 50,000 barrels above the 6 MM barrels annual target. As a result of both EOR and appraisal drilling, we achieved a replacement ratio in 2019 of 3.4 to 1,meaning we replenished far more than what we produced. Our production costs remained in the lowest quartile, at an average of US$ 9.42 per barrel. We implemented an improved HSE management system in the upstream, to manage safety; our injury rate improved over the prior year.For 2020, we anticipate that we will have 95 new onshore producers, fewer than in 2019 because the combination of this lower number of new wells and our expanded EOR/IOR efforts should provide what is needed to hit our 6 MM barrel annual target.NearshoreWe completed our Nearshore Drilling Project in 2019, drilling 6 exploration wells. While no commercial oil discovery was made, valuable data was collected which will play a role in future offshore discoveries.Beginning in April 2019, using the Seadrill-owned West Castor jack-up drilling rig, 6 wells were drilled. Total depths varied from 1,000 to 3,000 meters, in water depths of 8 to 25 meters, off the coast of Suriname. Of the 6 wells drilled, 4 had oil, confirming the potential of oil in the coastal area. The project concluded within its planned time, within budget.6.05 MMbbls A realization of crude production in 2019US$ MMfrom our three onshore fields 199 of capex projects in 2019. 3.4 This includes the Nearshore Drilling to 1Project which amounted to US$94 126 replacement ratio MM achieved in 2019in 2019 only. new producers in production onshore in 2019 15'