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Welcome to the Investor Relations page on our website!

Staatsolie prides himself on having mutually beneficial long-term relationship with partners. This is how we’ve grown our company for nearly 40 years. These relationships are build on mutual understanding, patience, integrity, accountability, honesty & transparency to grow. These are elements of the core values of this company.

On this page you can find information on our strategy for success, finances and other news. More information will be added regularly.

These are exciting times for Staatsolie as we are making the transition to become a world class company. Several projects are in process to attain this status, namely:

  • improving our Financial Closing process
  • improving our Internal Control Environment
  • preparing for an International Capital Market Transaction.

It’s our goal to continuously maximize value to our Shareholder, whilst maintaining a culture of excellence.

We invite you to browse this section and delve in to what we are all about.

If you have any questions, please contact us!

Staatsolie...Confidence in our abilities!

Agnes Moensi-Sokowikromo

Finance Director

Financial Facts

Staatsolie closed the financial year 2021 with a consolidated revenue of US$ 558 million and a profit before tax of US$ 212 million. Read the Summary Annual Report 2021


The subscription period for the Staatsolie Bond 2020 has been successfully completed. All subscriptions for a total amount of more than USD 150 million have been allocated. The payment period runs from 9 March up to and including 20 March 2020. The payment of the bonds allocated to you is charged to the USD account that you specified when you registered.

Staatsolie thanks all investors!

The purpose of the Staatsolie Bond 2020 is to raise US$ 150 million for the renewal of the Staatsolie Bond 2015 and to fund the investment program 2020-2027, including the Pikin Saramacca goldmine of IAMGOLD Rosebel Gold Mines. These investments will contribute to the further growth and success of Staatsolie. You can be part of Staatsolie’s success by making a solid investment for 5.5 or 7 years.

More information

Staatsolie has issued a local 2015-2020 bond for the partial financing of its 2015-2020 investment program. This bond is used for further expansion of the business activities. The bond administrator is De Surinaamsche Bank and the bond is listed on the Surinamese stock exchange:

The amount of the bond is US$ 99.1 million. With this bond a record of registrations was reached. The interest percentage is 7.75% and interest is paid bi-annually (on 14 May and the 14 of November). The bonds are issued by name and the coupons are valid for five years after being made payable.

Staatsolie Strategy for success

The international oil industry has become a commodity market characterized by ongoing oil price volatility with an overall lower price for a longer time (low for longer) in shorter cycles, i.e. with lower and shorter peaks and deeper valleys. Against this context of low oil prices, and our conviction that Staatsolie’s offshore PSC partners will make a commercial discovery in the short term, we must step up and prepare ourselves to be their partner of choice.

Strategy For Success