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QatarEnergy new partner in Block 5 offshore Suriname
18 July 2024
QatarEnergy is the new party in the production sharing agreement for the shallow offshore Block 5. QatarEnergy has acquired a twenty percent interest from Chevron Exploration Suriname (Chevron), following the departure of Shell from the block.

Our Business

We are involved in exploration, drilling, production, refining, marketing, sales, and transport of crude and refined products. Additionally, we are actively involved in electricity generation. These core activities are organized into two assets: Upstream and Downstream, and they are complemented by a diverse array of corporate services. Together, they play a vital role in realizing our vision.

Social Impact

Being responsible for people and the environment is one of our core values.
We support the advancement of the Surinamese people by contributing to a wide range of social projects while minimizing negative impacts on the environment.

Investing in Offshore Suriname

Join us as we welcome partners to explore the vast potential of our offshore hydrocarbon resources. Our Production Sharing Contracts ensure fairness for all parties involved. Become a part of our journey today.


Our success story is written by dedicated individuals with their own unique talent. We strive to create a workplace that not only meets employees' needs but also sets new standards for job satisfaction.


We strongly believe that sustainability improves lives everywhere, now and in the future. Our aim is to strike a balance between human well-being, protection of our planet, and profitability. By ensuring the needs of current and upcoming generations, we consistently prioritize energy reliability, affordability, and sustainability.

Confidence in our own abilities