Social Impact


Being accountable for people and the environment is one of Staatsolie's core values. It is important to us that no harm is done to the environment and the community. We are therefore committed to our social responsibility and want to make a contribution to national development and the development of people and the areas in which we operate. The factor: human is central to everything we do.

CSI commitment

Our dedication is part of:

  • the vision and mission of Staatsolie;
  • the principles of sustainable development that form the basis of all our activities;
  • our slogan: "Trust in own abilities".

Based on these thoughts, we give our strength to projects that relate to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

Staatsolie Foundation

For years, Staatsolie has been active in initiatives aimed at enhancing the wellbeing of the community by supporting various activities. In order to facilitate its contribution to community development, Staatsolie founded an organization especially for that purpose: Stichting Staatsolie Foundation for Community Development. This foundation supports sustainable projects that advance the development of the Surinamese community. Submit your donation request (in Dutch) here.

The Staatsolie Foundation supports sustainable projects for the advancement of education, health and safety, environment, sports, art and culture, energy, and entrepreneurship

ESIA Reports

Before we develop activities in new areas, possible environmental and social impacts are assessed. These environmental and social impact assessments (ESIAs) are done by external experts. The ESIA report proposes mitigation measures to manage possible effects on the environment and communities.

You can find ESIAs of different projects here.


Staatsolie is a member of the Suriname Conservation Foundation Green Partnership Program  (SGPP). The SGPP is an initiative of Suriname Conservation Foundation  (SCF). The participating companies support awareness for and protection of our nature with their partnership. You can read more about the SGPP here.

Friends of Green Suriname

Staatsolie and its subsidiary GOw2 have been a "Friend of Green Suriname" since 13 June 2018. We participate for three years in the sponsorship program Friends of Green Suriname (FOGS) of Conservation International Suriname (CIS).

By participating, we contribute to the protection of Suriname’s nature. Through the FOGS program, Surinamese companies financially support CIS’ nature protection programs.

Staatsolie and GOw2 have policies and guidelines that ensure that the environment is minimal or not impacted by our business activities. By participating in the FOGS program, we show that nature protection is not limited to the areas in which we have activities.

Want to know more about the Friend of Green Suriname sponsorship program? Check the Facebook page or watch the YouTube videos.