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Company Facts
Official name: Staatsolie Maatschappij Suriname N.V.
Established on: 13 December 1980
Shareholder: The Republic of Suriname
Executive directors:
  • R.T. Elias – Managing Director
  • A.K. Moensi-Sokowikromo – Finance Director
  • B.W. Dwarkasing – Director Upstream
  • A.K. Jagesar Deputy Director Downstream
Employees: 1.046 (as of 30 November 2015)
Commercial activities: Exploration, drilling, production, refining, marketing, sales, transport of crude and refined products
Institutional activities:  

Assessment of hydrocarbon potential, promotion, contracting and monitoring activities of other oil companies on behalf of the State

Oil fields:   Tambaredjo, Calcutta en Tambaredjo North-West
Name of the crude: Saramacca Crude (low in sulfur and metal contents)
Crude production: 16.000 barrels of oil per day
Staatsolie Refinery:   Processing capacity of 15,000 barrels Saramacca crude per day
Refinery products:   Premium diesel, premium gasoline, Staatsolie Diesel, fuel oil, bitumen, sulfuric acid
Markets:       Suriname and the Caribbean
Subsidiaries: GOw2, SPCS, Ventrin, POC

The New Staatsolie Refinery, Processes and Products

At the invitation of  Annand Jagesar, Deputy Director Downstream, former Staatsolie Managing Director, Eddie Jharap,  visited the new refinery at Tout Lui Faut on Wednesday 20 April 2016. Being impressed by the biggest and technologically most advanced oil plant built  Suriname till now, he has decided to share his experience with the public.

Read the document here

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