Shallow Offshore 2 Bid Round 2023-2024​

A competitive bidding round for eleven new blocks offshore Suriname. Blocks are located in the nearshore and shallow offshore to the south and east of the recent deepwater discoveries and north of the onshore producing fields.

News & Updates

Shallow Offshore 2 Bid Round (SHO2) 2023-2024

  • Eleven shallow water (SHO2) Blocks on offer offshore Suriname covering a total area of 34,520 km2 including some areas never previously licenced.
  • Significant new play prospectivity defined by comprehensive new petroleum system modelling confirms maturity & generation from a regionally active Aptian source rock, in addition to the proven ACT+C kitchen & deep Jurassic potential.
  • New comprehensive basin-wide geochemical analyses has defined several oil families expelled from mature ‘deep’ and ‘shallow’ marine organic rich sediments with the Shallow APTIAN margin stratigraphy modelled to be mature & capable of charging the SHO2 area.
  • Newly acquired multi-client 3D seismic data is now locally available for lease to unlock large ‘drill ready’ prospectivity.
  • Independent new prospect mapping of both the new and existing data has defined a total of 90+ Leads & Prospects in the 11 blocks on offer which have an estimated combined STOIIP of over 90+ billion bbls.
  • All blocks are offered on competitive ‘minimum work programme’ terms with additional biddable components and combined with new favourable fiscal terms.
  • Management Presentations & Virtual Data Rooms commence from 18th December 2023 with Bids Due 31 May 2024.

Read it all in the Executive Summary

For more information on the round along with any queries, please contact Envoi Limited, which has been commissioned by Staatsolie to manage the Shallow Offshore 2 Bid Round (SHO2), at

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Bidder Registration

The following links will open the bid registration required to be submitted by all interested parties (as defined in the Instruction to Bidders) for qualification as either operator or non-operator. This is required in addition to the confidentiality agreement.

Bid registration is closed. 

Data Packages

Companies which are authorised as bidders having signed the Confidentiality Agreement Registration will be provided free remote online access to all the data included in the Shallow Offshore 2 Bid Round Data Packages, including a defined period of access to the Petrel Seismic Workstation. The Data Room will open on 18 December. 

The Data Room is closed as of 26 April.