Guidelines purchasing and payment process

The purchase of goods and services by Staatsolie Maatschappij Suriname N.V. (Staatsolie) & Subsidiaries is centralized at the Supply Chain Management (SCM) departments. These purchases must comply with the guidelines of the purchasing policy and procurement policy and the general provisions of Staatsolie, as contained in our Procurement, Policy & Procedures (PPP).

The guidelines below apply to the purchasing and payment process:

  1. Only employees of the purchasing department of SCM are authorized to make purchases on behalf of Staatsolie. For the specific purchase, you will receive a Purchase Order (PO) from SCM.
  2. If the service provided by you has been provided in accordance with the agreed requirements, you must e-mail a proforma invoice to your contact person at Staatsolie within 5 working days. You will receive an approved Service Entry Sheet (SES) from the Staatsolie contact person within 7 working days.
  3. Invoices are submitted within 2 weeks after receipt of the approved SES. All suppliers must submit their invoices digitally (using the instructions for submitting Master Invoices and the Master Invoice template) via the email address
  4. The original invoices are only received digitally, after which the receipt is sent to the suppliers by email for receipt, as proof of submission and reference.
    Your original specified invoices include the following information:
    1. A letter head marked legal trade name;
    2. The Full company name and address;
    3. An unique, continuous and consecutive invoice number;
    4. A valid PO or SES number of Staatsolie and/or its subsidiaries; 
    5. The date of receipt of the invoice (invoice date);
    6. The date on which the performance or goods were delivered;
    7. A description of services provided, the nature of the goods or services provided;
    8. The number and total amount excluding sales tax;
    9. The currency type;
    10. The amount of sales tax to be paid;
    11. A company stamp (if available), and signature company representative;
    12. Full bank details (such as company name, bank account number, currency type, intermediary bank information, SWIFT identification number, ABA or IBAN number);
    13. The KKF (Chamber of Commerce) registration number applicable for local suppliers; 
  5. The invoice is signed by an authorized person of your company. You should include the SES document (if applicable) or PO document as an attachment.
  6. In case of the shortened payment procedure (Non Order Invoices – NOI) that applies to the payment of Consultants, Contractor companies, lease, rental, your (monthly) attendance list must be authorized by the Staatsolie Manager or Director to whom you report . Furthermore, the invoice must bear the GL Account Code, cost code or Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) of the relevant department, division or project for which you have provided your services.
  7. If your invoice does not include the necessary documents/information, the payment will not be made and no receipt will be sent.
  8. The email with attachments send by you are considered the formal source documents.
  9. Unless expressly agreed otherwise, payment of your invoice will be made within thirty (30) days after receiving the receipt.
  10. Information about payments can be requested via the AP helpdesk which can be reached on the number +(597) 499649 extension 65900 or via the mobile number +(597) 8773514 or via the e-mail address
  11. The bank charges as a result of payments (1) through an intermediary bank and/or at a bank located outside the USA or (2) at a bank located in the USA in a currency other than USD, are entirely for the account of the supplier.

To guarantee payment within the agreed terms, it is important that your invoice is submitted in accordance with the above guidelines. Thank you for your understanding and we count on you in the interest of good cooperation between Staatsolie and your company.