Invoicing instructions

The purchase of goods and services by Staatsolie Maatschappij Suriname N.V. (Staatsolie) & Subsidiaries is centralized at the Supply Chain Management (SCM) departments. These purchases must comply with the guidelines of the purchasing policy and procurement policy and the general provisions of Staatsolie, as contained in our Procurement, Policy & Procedures (PPP). The submission and processing of invoices are in accordance with the purchasing and payment process guidelines.

Staatsolie and its subsidiaries use an automatic invoice processing system, which ensures that submitted documents are registered via an intelligent scanning solution. To make this run as smoothly as possible, we ask you the following:

  1. The original invoices are only received digitally, after which the receipt, as proof of submission and reference, is sent by e-mail to the suppliers. Your original, itemized invoices must be addressed to Staatsolie and/or its subsidiary and must have the following information:
      • Letterhead with indication of the legal trade name.
      • Full company name and address.
      • A unique, continuous, and sequential invoice number.
      • The invoice date (date of issue).
      • A valid Purchase Order and/or SES document in which the included line items are described in accordance with the invoice.
      • The full description of the quantity and nature of the goods supplied, or the extent and nature of the services provided in the specified period/date delivered or completed.
      • The applicable currency.
      • The rate applied.
      • The fee relating to each rate or exemption, the unit price excluding taxes.
      • The invoice amount due excluding taxes.
      • The amount of taxes due.
      • The invoice amount due including taxes.
      • The VAT identification number under which the company has made the delivery or provided services. 
      • The VAT identification number of the customer to whom the supply has been made or services have been provided and from whom tax is levied (Staatsolie, GOw2 or SPCS).
      • In the event of special arrangements such as exemption from VAT or VAT reverse charge, this will be clearly stated on the invoice. 
      • A company stamp (if available) with a signature of your company's authorized officer. 
      • Full bank details of the supplier (such as bank account number, currency type, intermediary bank details, SWIFT identification number, ABA number and/or IBAN number).
  2. The e-mail address from which you mail the invoices to Accounts Payables, must be the same e-mail address as that specified on your 'Company profile' form.
  3. The original invoices and addition of the SES/PO document are submitted via considering the following:
      • Invoices are delivered in separate PDF. documents with the addition of PO/SES documents.
      • Document name of the invoice can be saved in the following format: INV<vendor invoice nr>_< PO nr>.pdf (e.g., INV_12345_4500987654.pdf)
      • For PO's name file format: PO_< PO nr>.pdf (e.g., PO_4500987654.pdf)
      • For SES's name file format: SES_< PO nr>.pdf (e.g., SES_4500876543.pdf)

See the sample invoice that contains the document parameters. See also instructions for submitting Master Invoices with the attached Master Invoice template.

If you have already switched to electronic Master Invoice (MI), the method of submitting invoices will slightly differ. Hereby some points of attention:

  • The 'Electronic master invoice' is sent to our department in duplicate (excel and PDF), via the e-mail address
  • File name of the invoice in PDF and Excel format are the same except for the extension after (.pdf or .xls(x)). For example: MI<vendor invoice nr>_pdf (e.g., MI_12345_.pdf) and MI<vendor invoice nr>_xls(x)

After complete submission of your invoices, you will receive a digital receipt for confirmation at your registered e-mail address.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Accounts Payable Helpdesk, which can be reached on telephone number +(597) 499649, extension 65900 or via

VAT identification numbers: 

VAT identification number Staatsolie 2000000541