Staatsolie and local businesses invest in the environment of twelve social institutes

15 August 2022

In the past year, Staatsolie has conducted research and inventory of the needs and requirements of social institutions in Suriname. After this research, 12 institutions were selected on the basis of specific criteria. These are Stg. Centrum voor Senioren burgers, Huize Albertine, Stg. Jozua Doorzetter, Stg. Open Poort Olga Clarck, Stg. Hoop voor Kinderen, Kinderhuis Johanna, Stg. Para Relax Club, Stg. Kinderhuis Sanathan Dharm Suriname, Stichting Betheljada, Stg. Engedi, Internaat Abadukondre Maria Consolatrix, Eben Heazer weeshuis and Kinderhuis Sukh Dhaam der EBGS. Young people must be able to work on their future in a good environment, while older people who have already contributed to society deserve better. This also applies to our fellow citizens with disabilities.

With this initiative, the living environment of approximately 375 children, senior citizens and people with disabilities is improved and made more pleasant. The work that will be carried out at these institutions is mainly architectural renovations, construction or improvement of electricity, and purchase and installation of plumbing. Staatsolie has found various local contractors willing to carry out this work at a social rate, in order to invest together in a sustainable community. As the initiator, the company is very grateful to these contractors and managers for their contribution: IBT Engineering Consultants, Sunecon, Ilaco Suriname N.V., Superior Tank and Pipe Group N.V., Rocco Pallas, ABC N.V., CCC Group en Haukes N.V. With a total investment of SRD 11 million, consisting of a Staatsolie financing of SRD 8.8 million and an estimated contribution of SRD 2.2 million from the contractors and managers by offering a social cost, the aim is to contribute to the care that the target groups deserve. The aim is to have the project completed this year.