Staatsolie News 2020 #01

10 July 2020

In this edition: 

- Staatsolie and how we deal with the COVID-19 pandemic

- Why we believe the 2019 fiscal year was a good one

- More about the Polymer project for a higher oil production

- And much more! 


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*Rectification in Staatsolie News edition 2020 # 01. In Staatsolie Nieuws 2020 # 01, the article "Commercial use of polymer flooding for higher oil production" contains an incorrect percentage in the header text. The correct information can be found below. Our apologies. Staatsolie will use polymer flooding on a large scale this year to keep and guarantee oil production stable. Using this tertiary extraction technique, an additional 5-12 percent more oil can be extracted from the ground. With current primary extraction techniques, a total of about 30 percent of the proven reserves from the Tambaredjo field are produced.