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The submitted EOI’s will result in a shortlist of potential bidders.

Interested suppliers who meet the general requirements and competencies will be invited to participate in a tendering process and will receive a Request for Proposal in the second quarter of 2024.

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Project Description




Earthwork Services for Staatsolie Upstream - Saramacca
  • Delivery of building materials (sand, basecourse, clay etc.) for maintenance and construction of well locations, drainage canals and roads.
  • Supply of Rental Equipment for construction services on roads and on well locations for example Excavator 8 Ton, HGM w/standard boom, Tractor w/blade, Grader, Compactor etc.



Mechanical Services for construction and maintenance of production facilities of the dryland and wetland operation.
  • Construct, install, test and commission HDPE and carbon steel pipelines (various sizes: 2-inch till 22-inch).
  • Fabricate, install, test and commission carbon steel spool pieces including all appendages, supports and concrete sleepers.
  • Fabricate and install valve platforms.
  • Fabricate and install carbon steel manifolds complete with prefabbed concrete (stelcon) plates.
  • Construct, install, test and commission test tanks (60 bbls, 90 bbls, 250 bbls).
  • Install pipeline supports at canal crossing.



Electrical Services
  • Installation of low and high voltage infrastructure or the modification thereof.
SCM-U 2024-004 Airco service Flora
  • Maintenance of current installed air conditioning units.
  • Upon request installation of new air conditioning units.



General Mechanical and Electrical maintenance services
  • Perform regular preventative and or corrective maintenance activities on equipment fleet consisting of:
    • swamp excavators and carriers.
    • airboats.
    • loaders and forklift trucks.
    • tractor trailers and trailers.
    • dewatering pumps.
  • Certification services:
    • overhead cranes.
    • lifting gear.
    • safety equipment.
    • electrical tools.
  • Nondestructive testing services:
    • Magnetic particle inspection.
    • Ultrasonic inspection



Supply of mudlogging services for Drilling Campaig
  • Deliver a safe and cost-effective drilling program with minimum impact on the environment.
  • Deliver adequate data & quality to confirm oil potential for appraisal well.