Suriname Supplier Registration Portal

If you want to offer goods and services to the Surinamese offshore oil and gas industry, please register your company at the Suriname Supplier Registration Portal.

In 2018, the international consultant DAI Global Inc. carried out the Industrial Baseline Study on behalf of Staatsolie and its offshore partners. The study mapped out the local business community and what it, and other stakeholders such as the government or training institutions, will have to do in order to play a role in the offshore oil industry.

A key immediate action from the Local Content Strategy provided to Staatsolie and International Oil Companies was to set up an online business portal. Launched in 2019, the Suriname Supplier Portal offers firms to register. This portal will function as a database of companies that are able to provide services to the offshore oil industry. Also, this portal serves as a communication channel between the industry and the Surinamese private sector.

By registering at the Suriname Supplier Registration Portal to offer goods and services to the Surinamese offshore oil and gas industry, your company information is included in a database of potential suppliers. Depending on the needs, you will be contacted for a pre-qualification, quotation or participation in a tender. Also, you will be contacted if more information is needed.

Before registering, please make sure to watch the instruction video and to read the "How To Register" on the welcome page