b'Preliminary nearshore locations to be drilledProspects/Paleocene/EoceneProspects/Cenomanian/TuronianProspects/AlbianProspects/Paleocene/Eocene/Secondary TargetNSD EXPLORATION DRILLING TARGETS5 Ocelot 3 Macaw6 1 Marai 8 7 PowisiKankantrie 2 Electric Ray 9 Tukunari Gonini BLOCK D BLOCK BBLOCK A BLOCK C4 Daggernose9 E <30 M Depth of NSD 2 ParamariboS U R I N A MMost promisingtarget locationsdrilling locations selected after extensive analysis Drilling area11,250 KM38 YEARS~40 KM NSD target locationsTime Staatsolies onshore wells have produced crudedistance from shore8 STAATSOLIE 2018 ANNUAL REPORT US$ 99 MMCapex devoted to NSD'