b'Going forward, we will continue to develop2018 activities:our Corporate Social Responsibility policies to ensure we are engaging meaningfully with all Kosmos Energy drilled two explorations wells,our stakeholders, both public and private, acrossAnapai-1 in Block 45, and Pontoenoe-1 inSuriname.Block 42. Petronas executed a 3D seismic acquisitionINSTITUTIONAL ACTIVITIES program in Block 48. Equinor shot a 2D survey in Block 60 at the startStaatsolieistheregulatorandattractsqualified of 2018.IOCs to invest in the hydrocarbon industry and monitors their operations. PSC for Block 61 signed with Cairn Energy.Suriname is part of the Guyana-Suriname PSC for Block 62 signed with Tullow Oil.Basin, and we share the optimism of the IOCs Start of MT/CSEM (Magneto Telluric and for an imminent commercial discovery offshore Suriname, seeing the recent discoveries inControlled Source Electromagnetic) scan by Guyana. IOCs operating offshore SurinamePetronas over blocks 42, 45, 47, 48, 52, 53, 54, include Apache Corporation, Kosmos Energy,58 and 59.Tullow Oil, Equinor, Cairn Energy, Petronas andPlanned activities 2019/2020:ExxonMobil. 2D seismic acquisition in blocks 61 and 59In 2018, two exploration wells were drilled with no yield. The IOCs remain optimistic, with plans to(in 2019).drill additional wells in 2019 and 2020. At least one exploration well in Block 58 Amplifying the industry optimism, Staatsolie(in 2019).signed two new Production Sharing Contracts 5 notional wells in 2020 (blocks 42, 52, 47,(PSCs) in 2018, one with Cairn Energy and one with Tullow Oil. 48, 53). PSCs AS AT YEAR END 2018BLOCK 59N EXXONMOBILHESSEQUINORBLOCK 62BLOCK 47TULLOW OILTULLOW OILBLOCK 48 RATIO EXPLORATIONBLOCK 42 PETRONASKOSMOS ENERGY BLOCK 54 BLOCK 60CHEVRONHESS TULLOW OIL EQUINOREQUINORNOBLE ENERGYBLOCK 45BLOCK 53 KOSMOS APACHE ENERGYCEPSA CHEVRONBLOCK 58 PETRONASAPACHEBLOCK 52 BLOCK 61PETRONAS CAIRN ENERGYSTAATSOLIE STUDY AREABLOCK A BLOCK B BLOCK C BLOCK D 0 50KM 100KMTAMBAREDJO BLOCK UITKIJK BLOCK WEG NAAR ZEE BLOCKDECKER COMMEWIJNEBLOCK OPERATORS NOTED IN YELLOW TEXTCALCUTTANICKERIE BLOCK CORONIE BLOCK BLOCK17'