b'We also initiated IOR pilot projects includingandsignificantlyhigherthanthe1.8MMbblshorizontal wells, downhole water sinks and highproduced in 2016. This enhanced production was fluidrateverticalwellsaspartofthedevelopment duetocontinuingimprovementsofourrefinerystrategy for areas with a high oil/water contact ratio.operations, including improved maintenance, In 2018, Capex projects included 10 facilitiesresulting in higher availability and reliability of built to connect new wells from the Developmentkey equipment; the ability to utilize more of the Drilling Program and multiple tank and headerinstalledrefinerycapacity;andthegrowingskillsreplacements. Additional projects going forwardof our workforce. We are well on the way to include the construction of a power plant and areaching our target of 10,500 bbls of high-end polymerfloodingplant. products a day by 2020.Average availability across 2018 was 93%, with DOWNSTREAM OPERATIONAL PERFORMANCE 79.7% utilization, compared to 92.7% availability and 76.5% utilization in 2017.REFINERY & MARKETING OPERATIONS Total sales of petroleum products including trading and after elimination of intra-company sales amounted to 5.32 MMbbls in 2018, TOTAL SALES IN BBLS compared to 5.57 MMbbls in 2017.2018 2017 Refineryimprovementsin2018included:ULSD 1,962,541 1,940,191ReplacedcatalystofthefirstbedofthereactorGasoline 639,568 666,035in the hydrocracker.Fuel Oil 2,523,472 2,795,198 Installed and commissioned a dry-gas-sealconditioner in the hydrocracker. Others 197,055 172,936Repaired a blower in the hydrogen productionTotalBBLS5,322,636 5,574,359 unit.AtourrefineryinToutLuiFaut,Staatsolies Installed an extra separation vessel in the sour SaramaccaCrudeisrefinedtodifferentgrades water stripper to enable higher production of of fuel oil, premium diesel, premium gasolinesulfuric acid.and bitumen, which are sold domestically and to Utilized the hydrocracker for 100% during Caribbean markets.October and November 2018.In 2018, production of high-end productsCompletedthepre-filtrationprojectofwater(gasoline and diesel) was 2.74 MMbbls, slightlyhigher than the 2.66 MMbbls produced in 2017treatment plant.14 STAATSOLIE 2018 ANNUAL REPORT'