b'Staatsolies leadership regularly visits work placesQUALITYto discuss safety with employees. Every year, weIn2018,Staatsoliewasre-certifiedbyitshave a number of HSEC days to communicatenewcertificationbody,DetNorskeVeritas,asimportant messages with regard to health, safety,complying with the new ISO 9001:2015 quality the environment and our community. In 2018,standard. As mentioned, Staatsolie subsidiaries there were 13 HSEC Days, focused on topics likeGOw2 and SPCS also received ISO 9001:2015 firstaid,recycling,andcommunityengagement. qualitycertificationin2018.The safety of our contractors is equally important to Staatsolie. In 2018, we made sure that we haveCOMMUNITYa consistent approach towards safety, together with our procurement department, managementThrough the Staatsolie Foundation, Staatsolie is and HSE teams. proud to help support a range of initiatives that improve the health, education and development INJURY STATISTICS of the people of Suriname. Since 2017 we have placed a particular emphasis on working closely 2018 2017 with the communities most directly connected to our operations.Type ofStaatsolie Contractors Staatsolie Contractorsincident Community projects Staatsolie provided support Fatality 0 0 0 0 to in 2018 through our Staatsolie Foundation as well as directly through Staatsolie include:LTI 3 2 2 0A health textbook for elementary schoolInjuries 15 26 16 10 students. A school renovation in Paramaribo. HEALTH AND SAFETY A public sports facility in Paramaribo. Unfortunately, our overall safety performance Renovated sanitary facilities for 4 schools in declined in 2018, compared to 2017. The total number of HSE-related incidents was 430 inWanica.2018, compared to 423 in 2017. We went fromA counseling room in s Lands Hospitaal (local 2 to 5 Lost Work Day Cases. Major hydrocarbon spills decreased from 30 to 23. Looking at ourhospital).leading indicators for safety performance, our The movie Wiren, about a deaf child.performance on safety observations is stable at a good level. On walkthrough inspections andA new building for the visually impaired to risknotificationsweareshowinganimprovement perform Shiatsu massages.towards the target in the last quarter. We will work on continuation of the upward trend. Improvingprojectidentificationandproposalwriting for NGOs in Saramacca.ENVIRONMENTScholarship programs for students inWe had a decrease in major hydrocarboncommunitiesnearourrefinery.spills from 30 to 23. Extracting, producing Household waste collection in Saramacca.and processing oil has an impact on the environment. At Staatsolie, we are committed to Renovation of a water utilities plant inminimizing that impact by adopting nationally andTijgerkreek (area of Saramacca).internationally accepted guidelines and standards in the planning, commissioning, operation andSTAKEHOLDER ENGAGEMENTclosing of our projects.Measures in 2018 included committing toStaatsolie consistently reaches out to executing an odor study to address communitystakeholders, having regular meetings both with complaints and the decision to purchase a dronemembers of the communities near our operations with the capability to monitor air quality.and with local government representatives.We also submitted several ESIAs to NIMOSTo assess our standing with key stakeholders, (National Institute for Environment andwe started with a company-wide reputation Development in Suriname) regarding projects thatmeasurement in Tout Lui Faut in 2018 with will help Staatsolie sustain production and protectapproximately 1,200 people, and the results the environment. were positive. We also reached out with a run and walk event in Saramacca, which drew 1,500 participants.16 STAATSOLIE 2018 ANNUAL REPORT'