b'Preliminary nearshore locations to be drilledProspects/Paleocene/EoceneProspects/Cenomanian/TuronianProspects/AlbianProspects/Paleocene/Eocene/Secondary TargetPREPPING THE NEARSHORE DRILLING PROJECTMany of our efforts in 2017 and 2018 were devoted to preparing the Nearshore Drilling (NSD) Project for a launch in 2019 in order to discover new hydrocarbon resources needed to secure Staatsolies and Surinames futurePreliminary nearshore locations to be drilled5 Ocelot 3 Macaw Prospects/Paleocene/Eocene6 1 Marai 8 7 Powisi Prospects/Cenomanian/TuronianKankantrie 2 Electric Ray 9 Tukunari Gonini BLOCK DProspects/AlbianBLOCK BBLOCK A BLOCK C Prospects/Paleocene/Eocene/Secondary Target4 DaggernoseS U R I N A M E Paramaribo24 Weeks ofBL 6 Kankantrie Time toBLOCK B 5 Ocelot 2 3 Macaw 1 Marai 9 Tukunari 8 Gonini BLOCK C 7 Powisi BLOCK D drilling time per location NOW find newElectric Rayreserves!Barrels of15 BN+ 4 Daggernose ParamariboOCK Apotential oilS U R I N A M Ereserves in SurinameGuyana BasinWell depths 1027%800 M2.5 KM Probability of success for 9 wells 9'