b'REPORT ON THE AUDIT OF THE CONSOLIDATED FINANCIAL STATEMENTS (Continued)KEY AUDIT MATTERS (Continued)Key audit matter How our audit addressed the key audit matterESTIMATION OF DECOMMISSIONING Our audit procedures focused on the work of the AND RESTORATION PROVISIONS consolidated entitys experts.Provisions associated with decommissioningInobtainingsufficientauditevidence,we:and restoration are disclosed in Note 4.7 to the consolidatedfinancialstatements;adescription assessed the competence and objectivity ofof the accounting policy and key judgements andboth the Groups internal and external experts estimates is included in Note 2.4.involved in the estimation process;The calculation of decommissioning andassessed the reasonableness of therestoration provisions is conducted by specialistassumptions of the Group and industry;engineersandrequirestheuseofsignificant evaluated the adequacy of and ensured it was judgement in the application of key assumptions in respect of asset lives, timing of restorationconsistent with our knowledge the experts work;work being undertaken, environmental legislativeunderstood the Groups decommissioning and requirements, the extent of restoration activities required and estimation of future costs. Changesrestoration estimation processes;in these assumptions may result in materialtested the consistency in the application ofchanges to the decommissioning and restorationprinciples and assumptions to other areas provisions recorded by the Group of the audit such as reserves estimation and impairment testing;tested the mathematical accuracy of the netpresent value calculations and discount rate applied; and reconciledthecalculationstothefinancialreportprepared by internal and external experts.Key audit matter How our audit addressed the key audit matterDEBT REFINANCING Our audit procedures included:BasedontherefinancingthatwascompletedWe have inspected the terms of the new loanin May 2018 and the amendment of the debtand evaluated the accounting treatment of the covenants, the accounting treatment for theloan agreements including the existing and new refinancingandadequatedisclosureofthe amendment fees;amended covenant requirements were considered a key audit matter. We reviewed the debt covenant requirementsincluding the covenant ratios and events of In addition, we also consider compliance with debtdefault;covenant requirements a key audit matter as this is part of managements assessment of the going We evaluated managements calculation of the concern assumption. covenant ratios in accordance with the loan agreements;Given the relevance of the EBITDA amountin the covenant calculations, we reviewed the correctclassificationofitemsinEBITDAandspecificandexceptionalitemsincludedinandexcluded from Adjusted EBITDA in accordance with criteria as stated in the loan agreements;We also assessed the adequacy of theCompanys disclosure regarding the covenants and loan agreements, which are included in notes5.2and5.3oftheconsolidatedfinancialstatements.21'