Opportunities for Local T-BOSIET Certification Set-up

25 August 2021

Tropical Basic Offshore Safety Induction & Emergency Training (T-BOSIET) certification is a requirement to meet the initial offshore safety and emergency response training requirements for personnel to the offshore oil and gas industry in a tropical environment, e.g. working on drilling rigs and Floating Production Storage and Offloading (FPSO)
Currently, T-BOSIET is provided from outside Suriname. This means extra costs and can be a hurdle even more when having travel restrictions. Staatsolie encourages a T-BOSIET facility from a local content development perspective in order to benefit the local economy in line with the offshore Oil & Gas developments, the existence of adequate and fully functional T-BOSIET is important for the development of local offshore employment and may be able to attract trainees from Guyana and can service expats as well, who need to extend their certification. Having T-BOSIET as focus, an associated training plan for other required offshore O&G certificates will be beneficial.

To date several T-BOSIET certifications have been realized for Offshore Suriname. The following estimates can be given:

  1. Staatsolie: 50 persons with offshore (re-)certifications.
  2. Local third parties in previous and current offshore campaigns: ca. 100.
  3. Pending and planned local third parties for 2021: ca. 40.

All recent certifications were done in Trinidad and Tobago and in USA, Miami

Lately Staatsolie has noticed an increased interest in T-BOSIET training requests. Due to above expectations of increased activities offshore with implicit increase in local workers and Staatsolie personnel needing to visit the offshore operations, it is expected that this interest will further increase. Also clients from Guyana can be attracted, because they also have to travel to T&T.
We herewith encourage interested professional parties to conduct an assessment as to whether they would like to make an investment to set up such a T-BOSIET certification facility in Suriname. Although some risk might be involved, an early move off course could have valuable upside.Most likely the most successful outfits will be able to demonstrate the following to future contractors of such services:

  1. OPITO certification; training, personnel & equipment.
  2. Reference to executed T-BOSIET Projects.
  3. Internationally competitive cost per (re-)certification.
  4. Complementary O&G related certifications (one-stop shop idea).
  5. Percentage of local content in operations

Disclaimer: No limitative listings and any only intended as indication. Furthermore, please note that Staatsolie does not guarantee volumes and invites, interested parties to conduct their own analysis. Please also note that these certifications for the larger parts will be contracted by Offshore Contractors and sub-Contractors at their own prerogative.

Download here: Request for Expressions of Interest T-BOSIET Training facility