Staatsolie takes initiative to set up Oil & Gas stream NATIN

10 December 2021

The Natuur Technisch Instituut (Nature Technical Institute, NATIN) will get an oil and gas stream. Staatsolie Maatschappij Suriname N.V. is working together with NATIN, the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture (MINOWC) and the Dutch Regional Education Center (Regionaal Onderwijs Centrum) Kop van Noord-Holland (ROC KvNH) to set up this new training.


Motivated by current and future developments in the Surinamese offshore oil and gas industry, Staatsolie has taken the initiative to set up an oil and gas stream at NATIN and has brought the various parties together. The stream will provide qualified technicians for the offshore oil and gas industry. In this way local content development, for which Staatsolie is committed, is more concrete. Local content can be described as the extent to which Surinamese companies and citizens participate in the economic activities that the offshore finds entail. This concerns the supply of local goods and services and the filling of jobs by Surinamese.


Until recently, the ROC KvNH has provided a stream Oil & Gas and will use its expertise to perform a gap analysis of the current streams at NATIN relevant to the offshore oil and gas industry. The analysis will show the gaps. The new stream will focus on closing these gaps, thus creating a solid Oil & Gas stream. The gap analysis, which is the first part of the NATIN Oil & Gas program, is funded by Staatsolie. The gap analysis was given the go-ahead on 8 December with a meeting of representatives of Staatsolie, the ROC KvNH, NATIN and the MINOWC. The analysis will be completed in February 2022. After that, the second phase will start, in which structuring the Oil & Gas stream will be worked out. In this phase, a start date for the stream will be determined.


The ROC Kop van Noord-Holland provides vocational education, courses and training for companies and private individuals in the northern part of the Dutch province of Noord-Holland.