Turn around (TA) Staatsolie to be done shortly

05 February 2024

The refinery's major maintenance is carried out once every four years and is aimed at guaranteeing the safety and reliability of the refinery for the next four years. During the upcoming turnaround, more than eight hundred different activities will be carried out in the field of inspection, cleaning, repair and the replacement and testing of various equipment and systems.

About nine hundred Staatsolie employees and 33 contractors are involved in the works. Nearly half of the workers and contractors are recruited locally. Staatsolie is carrying out the project together with main contractor Dick & Doof, a leading TA contractor from Curaçao. Preparations started more than two years ago. The shutdown of the refinery for seven weeks for major maintenance also means that there is no fuel production. Staatsolie and its subsidiary GOw2 have stored enough supplies to bridge this period. If necessary, GOw2 will import fuel, so that sales at the pump are guaranteed. Staatsolie will do everything possible to carry out the major maintenance within the planned time and budget, but above all safely. The refinery is scheduled to be fully operational again from April 5.