b'3OVERVIEW PERFORMANCE 2021KEY FINANCIALS $ $US$ 558 MUS$ 120 MUS$ 213 M Gross RevenuesNet Cash Gold IncomeProfit Before TaxConsolidated US$ 387 MUS$ 186 M EBITDA Consolidated Contribution to Government of Suriname (taxes, dividend and royalties)$ $KEY RATIOS1.67 1.643.2969% Leverage RatioDebt to EBITDA Debt Service Coverage EBITDA Margin$ $CRUDE PRODUCTION6 MMbblsHIGH-END REFINERY PRODUCTION2.98 MMbbls Gasoline and Diesel$ $TOTAL SALES2,416 Kbbls1,903 Kbbls632 Kbbls Fuel Oil & Crude Premium Diesel Premium Gasoline 32 Kbbls143 Kbbls Bitumen Other$ $AVERAGE OIL PRICEUS$ 70 per barrelUS$ 44 per barrel 2020$ $AVERAGE GOLD PRICEUS$ 1,798 per troy ounceUS$ 1,770 per troy ounce 202011'