b'PROJECTING SUCCESS:We recognize that offshore oil and gas revenues are needed to Measures we are taking to pursue these help improve the social well-goals include: being of the people of Suriname. But since we are at the beginningncreasing the amount of hydro-electricity weof that development, we can see I to it that it is executed in the produce with more energy efficient equipmentmost sustainable manner. Thats and developing new sustainable energythe biggest gift we can give to the sources. generations after us. AGNES MOENSI-SOKOWIKROMO Chair ESG Committee Measuring for the first time Scope 1 and 2 greenhouse gas (GHG) monthly emission (49,782 tons CO 2 eq), and independently reviewed by DNV. This as part of our commitment to reduce GHG emissions from production operations, including partially replacing crude oil in heater treaters withS U EY FOC Kproduced methane gas. Promoting COVID vaccination efforts and launching Staatsolies 2021 Sustainability Policy.Supporting initiatives to maintain Surinames carbon negative status. Conducting an ESIA for Shallow Offshore projects.Staatsolie plans to prepare its first SustainabilityCUS Y FO KE Further implementing our Sustainability Policy, starting Report in 2022, outlining in greater detail ourinitiativestopursuefiveUN2022 approach to implementing our SustainabilitySustainable Development Goals.Policy. Additionally, we continue to promote our sustainability principles to other leading Surinamese companies through our participation in the Suriname Conservation Foundations Green Partnership Program and Conservation International Surinames Friends of Green Suriname initiative. Our Finance Director, Agnes Moensi-Sokowikromo, currently chairs the Suriname Conservation Foundation Green Partnership Program.51'