b'The refinery achieved 91 percent uptime in 2021, even with an unplanned shutdown late in the year due to a catalyst change in our hydrogen production facility. We were able to partially mitigate the negative effects of thePROJECTING shutdown by pivoting and moving forwardSUCCESS:maintenance work scheduled for a FebruaryAttherefinery,ourfirst2022 planned shutdown to take place duringmeasures of success are always the unplanned November 2021 shutdown.the safety of our people and The February shutdown can now be avoided,the reliability of our operations; with those in place, metrics like increasing our uptime for 2022. cost per barrel will take care of themselves.Notwithstanding the shutdown, we were ableROLF VLAMING to achieve a new record level of high-endsAsset Manager Refining production of 2.98 MMbbls, a testament to our steadily increasing efficiency and the continuously growing skills of our workforce.Indeed, the skill of our local workforce has allowed us to significantly decrease the number of expatriates we need to employ. Our operations workforce, for example, is now 100S U EY FOC Kpercent Surinamese.Operating safely and lowering costs Reducing the number of expatriates we employthrough improvement efforts.2021 is just one of the measures that enabled us to achieve our lowest-ever level of operating costs. Improvement projects included reducing the use of LPG and chemicals in the refinerysS U EY FOC Koperations and optimizing supply chainOperating safely and improving management. Next year we look to further cutenergyefficiencywhileincreasing2022 costs, with projects to reduce flare and boosthigh-end production.energy efficiency.2021 KEY FIGURES91 %91% uptime in 2021, compared to uptime achieved2.98 90% in 2020.2.98 MMbbls of high-end products produced,in 2021 MMbblscompared to 2.6 MMbbls in 2020.of high-end products, a record 100% Surinamese Refinery Operationsproduction level workforce, 0% ex-pats.Controllable costs reduced 20% comparedto 2020 realized opex of US$ 49.2 million.41'