b'1The hydrocarbon potential of Surinamewhich Staatsolie has been confidentlyprojectingforyearsisnowcomingtopass.Following multiple significant discoveries in 2020 and 2021, Staatsolie intends to partner with international oil companies (IOCs) in the development and production stages of these discoveries. We also intend to clearly communicate how we are successfully transforming from a regional oil company into an internationally recognized and respected energy enterprise, with the people and processes in place to add value to all stakeholders, especially to our country.The strong 2021 results shared in this report, achieved despite the ongoing challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, attest to our solid leadership, our strong underlying assets and financial position, as well as our robust business systems as we continue moving forward.To further safeguard the realization of our vision and long-term corporate objectives, we introduced our Projects for Success (PfS) initiative in 2021. This system (PfS) prioritizes our ten most important projects and places them on the agenda at the highest level within the company. This brings sharp focus to our decision making, risk management and capital allocation. The systematic execution of these PfS aligns all stakeholders and therewith reduces execution time and delivers stronger results.IN THE PAGES THAT FOLLOW, WE WILL HIGHLIGHT A SELECTION OF OUR CURRENT PROJECTS FOR SUCCESS.ABBREVIATIONS USED3D: three-dimensionalIOR: Improved Oil RecoveryAGM: Annual General Meeting Kbbls: thousands of barrelsbbl: barrel (ca. 159 liter) LTI: Lost-time Incident/Injurycapex: Capital expendituresMMbbls: Millions of barrelsDST: Drill Stem Test MWh: megawatt-hourEBITDA: Earnings before interest, taxes, opex: operating expendituredepreciation, and amortization oz.: (troy) ounceEOR: Enhanced Oil Recovery PSC: Production Sharing ContractESIA: Environmental and Social Impact Assessment RRR: Reserve-replacement ratioGoS: Government of SurinameSTOIIP: stock-tank oil initially in place HSE: Health, Safety and Environment TCF: trillion cubic feetHSEC: Health, Safety, Environment and Community ULSD: Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel IFRS: International Financial Reporting Standards VIU: Value in useIOC: International Oil Company3'