b'DOWNSTREAM: MARKETINGStaatsolies Marketing Asset handles the sales and distribution of all refinery products to local and regional markets. It includes the operations of Staatsolies subsidiary GOw2 Energy Suriname N.V., through which we servethe retail market with Staatsolie high-end productsand imported lube products. GOw2 also serves theaviation market with imported jet fuel.2021 SYNOPSISDespite the ongoing market impact of the global pandemic, Staatsolie s Marketing asset realized solid results in 2021. Staatsolie sold a total of 5.13 MMbbls of products. Our retail subsidiary GOw2 maintained a 27% market share and sold 0.82 MMbbls of high-end products (diesel and gasoline). Lubricants sales, under the Total brand, climbed 30 percent over 2020 levels.In 2021, we saw the beginning of a promising new market for Staatsolie diesel: IOCs operating drilling rigs and supply vessels. Thanks to the recent hydrocarbon discoveries in Surinames deep water and resulting increase in activities, this is a fast growing market that the Marketing Asset can compete for with its quality products and services. In 2021, the company continued to see cost-saving benefits from the Marketing Assets recent reorganization, consolidating the marketing groups of Staatsolie and its GOw2 subsidiary into one department. We focused in 2021 particularly on optimizing the 42 STAATSOLIE 2021 ANNUAL REPORT'