b'Exploration and appraisal highlights include: 2021 KEY FIGURESThe Sapakara South appraisal well confirmsthe extent of the reservoir encountered byThe Sapakara Souththe first Sapakara well, with the reservoir andappraisal well has delineated connected volume of over production test proving that considerable400connected volumes are present. MMbblsThe Bonboni exploration well, drilled in theof STOIIP in a world class reservoir.northern area of Block 58 in a distinctive different play, did not deliver results to support commercial development but did show oil accumulation in a new area and play concept, opening up a new exploration and appraisalThe Keskesi East zone. exploration well 3D seismic surveys are being conducted in63 a total of $encounteredareas including the Shallow Offshore,metersBlock 52 and Block 59, which after net pay of processing should reveal new opportunities hydrocarbons.for exploration drilling.Offshore and onshore acreage map38 STAATSOLIE 2021 ANNUAL REPORT'