b'3STAATSOLIE MAATSCHAPPIJ SURINAME N.V.ConsolidatedStatementofProfitorLossFOR THE YEAR ENDED DECEMBER 31, 2021(X US$ 1,000) Notes 2021 2020*Continuing operationsRevenue3.1 557,855 427,936Cost of sales(276,239) (285,029)Grossprofit 281,616 142,907Other income (net) 3.2 49,472 14,267Expensed projects 3.1 (65,577)(10,113)Impairment of other non-current assets 4.11 15,874(16,787)Offshore expenses3.2(239)(151)Selling and distribution expenses 3.2(11,424)(18,899)Other operating expenses 3.2 (11,623)(2,206)General and administrative expenses 3.2 (37,378)(39,161)Operatingprofit 220,72169,857 Finance income 3.21,7512,761Finance costs 3.2 (55,051)(59,194)Share of profit of Suriname Gold Project CV 4.479,338 85,411 Monetary loss (net)3.2 (34,054)- Profitbeforeincometaxfromcontinuingoperations 212,70598,835Income tax expense3.3 (93,207) (26,818)Profitfortheyearfromcontinuingoperations 119,49872,017Discontinued operationsLoss after tax for the year from discontinued operations 4.12(2,143)(831)Profitfortheyear 117,35571,186Attributable to: Equity holders of the parent 117,355 71,186117,355 71,186Earnings per shareBasic earnings per ordinary share (US$ per share) 3.4 23.47 14.24Earnings per share for continuing operationsBasic earnings per ordinary share (US$ per share) 3.4 23.90 14.40*Refer to 2.7 reclassification64 STAATSOLIE 2021 ANNUAL REPORT'