b'for Social Responsibility projects and activities to contribute to the sustainable development, Staatsolie and Staatsolie health, and welfare of Surinames society. Foundation spent a total ofUS$ 880,000The Social Responsibility projects approved on donations in 2021 and carried out in 2021 were focused on the US$ 680,000 following 4 areas:went to Social Responsiblity projectsHEALTHCARE. By promoting healthcare by our PSC partners including preventive healthcare, waterand sanitationMany of the external social projects we typicallyEDUCATION. By promoting (special) education, assist were temporarily halted by the pandemic,enhancing vocational skills especially among but projects the company provided support forchildren, women and elderly, and renovation of in 2021 include Talking Prints, which promotesschools.handcrafts produced by indigenous women,INFRASTRUCTURE. Through the set-up of and the Tuhka oil project, which helps the Triobasic structures and facilities (e.g., buildings) community sell and market oil produced fromneeded for the sustainable support of socially its Brazil nuts. vulnerable groups.The institutional task of Staatsolie is gearedENVIRONMENT. By ensuring environmental to optimize the value of petroleum activitiessustainability, the ecological balance, and for Suriname and its people through prudentthe protection of flora and fauna, animal resource management, while maintaining thewelfare, conservation of natural resources and upmost respect for the environment and safety.maintaining quality of soil, air and water.This task is delegated to SHI, who manages the execution of the PSCs that Staatsolie hasIn 2021, US$ 686,989 was spent on Social concluded. This role includes the monitoringResponsibility projects, the majority of which of the Social Responsibility Investments ofwas invested in educational projects (38%) and the contractor. Based on the active PSCs, thehealthcare (34%).contractor annually allocates an agreed amount 53'