b'FINANCEThe Staatsolie Finance directorate oversees the financing of the companys 2022-2027 investment program and leads the way in strengthening internal processes to bring the enterprise to the best-practice standards required to participate with global partners, including IOCs.2021 SYNOPSISFiscal 2021 was distinguished by strong financial and operational performance for Staatsolie, with total consolidated revenues of US$ 558 million, compared to US$ 428 million in 2020 (restated in 2021). Oil prices returned to more accustomed levels in 2021, after the drastic lows brought about by the global pandemic in 2020. This healthier pricing atmosphere enabled Staatsolie to rebuild its cash position after last years need to quickly reduce capital and operating expenses to address COVID-impacted market exigencies. We finished the year well above our budget projections.Our 2021 bottom line was further bolstered by a significant sign-on bonus from a PSC signed with our IOC partner Chevron, which amounted to US$ 31 million. Our interest in gold mining operations added US$ 120 million in net cash income.Our strong financial performance fueled our contribution of US$ 186 million to the Government of Suriname, up from US$ 132 million in 2020.The realized operating costs in 2021 for the Upstream, Refinery, Marketing, Power 28 STAATSOLIE 2021 ANNUAL REPORT'