b'STAATSOLIE MAATSCHAPPIJ SURINAME N.V.CONSOLIDATED STATEMENT OF FINANCIAL POSITION (Continued)AS AT DECEMBER 31, 2021(X US$ 1,000) 2021 2020Equity and liabilitiesEquityCommon stock 5.112,104 12,104 Retained earnings*1,277,4801,234,217Other capital reserves26,898 26,398 Reserves of a disposal group held for sale 4.121,580 - Total equity1,318,0621,272,719Non-current liabilitiesBond5.3193,208192,839Term loans5.3342,455 452,063Revolver loan5.36,0006,000Provisions4.9 89,67988,320 Employee defined benefit liabilities4.10115,027 71,714 Lease liabilities (non-current)4.71,387 2,473 Other long term liabilities5.338,958 30,145 Total non-current liabilities786,714843,554 Current liabilitiesBank overdraft6.1 -3,420 Trade payables6.4 84,98182,392 Accruals and other liabilities 6.4 31,85069,636 Lease liabilities (current)4.71,687 2,219 Income tax payable*- 1,047 Current portion of loans and bonds 5.397,856 72,856216,374 231,570 Liabilities directly associated with the assets 4.12 743 -held for saleTotal current liabilities 217,117 231,570 Total liabilities 1,003,8311,075,124 Total equity and liabilities 2,321,8932,347,843 These Financial statements have been authorized for issuance by the Supervisory Board members and the Executive Board members on May 05, 2022.The Board of Executive Directors:A. Jagesar A. Moensi-SokowikromoR. Bissumbhar Managing DirectorFinance DirectorUpstream Director The Supervisory Board: L. BrunswijkM. SantokhiN. Nannan J. BousaidH. DorinnieG. AsadangD. CaffChairman Deputy Chairman Secretary Member Member Member Member*Refer to section 4.4 Pikin Saramacca 67'