b'To help prepare the citizens of Suriname for the economic opportunities that will come with offshore oil and gas development, Staatsolie pledged US$ 200,000 in 2021 to support the technical college NATIN (Natuur Technisch Instituut/the Institute for Natural Resources & Engineering Studies), with a focus on updating the institutions equipment.Staatsolie encourages the growth of Surinamese businesses through measures such as a web portal highlighting opportunities for local suppliers, as well as webinars and other educational events. We also strongly encourage our IOC partners to work with Surinamese vendors and utilize local content whenever possible.Staatsolies local content initiatives include:Helping to implement a new Offshore Oil &Gas stream at NATIN.Establishing an Enterprise Development Center to help build up capacities of local Social businesses to compete for IOC contracts.Our companys commitment to enhancingCatalyzing the development of a T-BOSIETsocial well-being begins with our owntraining facility for the offshore industry.employees and extends to all the citizens of Suriname. Internal social endeavors include theEncouraging IOC and main contractors to company-wide rollout of a new Developmentuse local shore bases.HR process that helps our employees realizeTo advance healthcare, grants were made their full potential with progression models,in 2021 to support renovation of the National gap analyses, certified assessments andDialysis Center and the CT-scan building of the other tools. We also provide employees withlocal Academic Hospital.training relating to HSE, Emergency Response, qualifications and technical skills. Steps to enhance safety include implementing an HSE data management system to improve our ability to analyze safety data and continuing the process of IS0 14001 and 45001 certification.Our efforts to address external social well-being in 2021 were mostly focused on promoting coronavirus vaccination efforts across the country. We assisted the Ministry of Healthcare by helping to provide food, facilities, volunteers, transportation, signage, information, and other support for numerous vaccination events.52 STAATSOLIE 2021 ANNUAL REPORT'