b'keyed on our thermal generating systems, which has significantly reduced the number of unplanned interruptions. We have also built up our human capacity, helping operators in our plants improve their ability to recognize and signal early warnings of potential unit production interruption, heading off outages before they occur. Operators are improving their ability to perform operational maintenance, and we are more clearly defining help chains, so everyone knows who to communicate with in the event of an issue. PROJECTING SUCCESS:Our commitment to and progress in increasing reliability is attested to by our plant certifications:Success going forward for Currently, both the SPCS Hydro and SPCSPower & Sustainable Energy is leading the way to Surinames Thermal facilities are individually certifiedcleaner energy future, exploring according to ISO 9001 quality managementoptions like solar power and transitioning from thermal to standards. In addition, the SPCS Hydro facilitynatural gas generation.is ISO 14001 (Environmental Management)EDDY FRNKEL and ISO 45001 (HSE standards) certified. TheDeputy Director Power &Thermal facility has gained certification on theSustainable Energy latter two standards in January 2022.While we do our utmost to deliver reliable power to meet the present needs of our nations people and businesses, we are also deeply committed to leading Suriname to a more sustainable energy future. We are exploringS U EY FOC KManaging the hydro-powerseveral initiatives, including: generation issues of the years extreme rainfall and increasing 2021 1.Increasing our hydro-electric output bythermal generation reliability.replacing outdated turbines with more efficient alternatives, a move that could allow us to generate 10 percent more electricity with the same amount of water. CUS Y FO KE2. Execute a study to develop a utility-scaleAdvancing new sustainable solar power plant, making use of our existingenergy projects.2022 hydro reservoir for energy storage.3. Championing increased industrial use of natural gas as a transitional, cleaner fuel (potentially for power generation, as well as for the bauxite and petrochemical sectors) to take advantage of prospective gas resources in Surinames offshore waters.4. Utilizing waste heat to generate electricityat the thermal power plant.45'