b'SAP system, and we continued to see greater operational efficiencies, improved customer focus and reduced expenses as a result of the reorganization. Our ability to reduce our shipping operations from two vessels to one alsoPROJECTING contributed in a meaningful way to operationalSUCCESS:expense savings in 2021, as costs decreasedWe are looking forward to approximately 58% from 2020. expanding opportunities for Staatsolie to provide diesel to We invested to enhance safety in 2021 byIOCs with offshore operations, upgrading GOw2 terminal facilities, revampingeven as GOw2 increases its share of Surinames retail storage, pumping systems and tanks, andmarket.improving fire protection. MARC REFOS Asset Manager Marketing We also completed the first phase of our World Class Retail Network (WCRN) project, culminating with the March 2022 grand reopening of GOw2 Latour in Paramaribo. This station is the flagship of the first phase of the WCRN, completely updated and rebranded in GOw2s new look and feel. In the coming years all GOw2 stations will be updated and rebranded. S U EY FOC KAdditional elements of the WCRN includeMaintaining GOw2s retail market share and ramping up Staatsolies 2021 increased social media presence, sponsorshipfueling services to offshore operators.of popular sports such as the Suriname national soccer team and Surinamese Olympians, and the launch of branded products, such as a new gasoline additive. The goal of the WCRN is to 2022KEY FOCUShelp establish our GOw2 brand as the top brandImplementing the next phase of in Suriname and furthermore to increase ourGOw2s World Class Retail Network project and expanding Staatsolies retail market share to 40 percent. services to offshore operators. 2021 KEY FIGURES5.13 MMbbls of Staatsolies oil 5.13MMbblsproducts were sold in 2021, compared of products sold%27to 5.53 MMbbls in 2020. in 2021 market share 43% of the high-end products produced andof GOw2sold by Staatsolie were exported.GOw2 maintained its market share, supplying the retail market with0.82 MMbbls of high-end products. 43'