b'DOWNSTREAM: REFINERYStaatsolies refinery, located in Tout Lui Faut, exclusively refines our Saramacca Crude. With a processing capacity of 15,000 barrels a day, the facility produces different grades of fuel oil, premium diesel, premium gasoline and bitumen. Most of these refined products are sold domestically, with the surplus exported to Caribbean markets.2021 SYNOPSISDue to the nature of its processes, safety is always the primary focus in a refinery and for Staatsolie this is no different. To keep safety front of mind, we launched our campaign Working Safe is a Joint Effort, which includes awareness raising, performance analysis, measures to prevent slips andfalls, and bi-monthly meetings. A concrete example of our commitment to safety was the 2021 construction of a large fire training ground across from our refinery. The fire training ground gives us an on-site space to train our operating crew in how to create a water shield, approach and extinguish a fire.COVID-19 remained a safety concern in 2021. Measures we took to protect our people included on-site testing, limiting access, and adding shields between workers in our control room, distancing and outdoor meal consumption for the operating crew, and the ability to work from home for corporate communications and other personnel whodid not have to be on site.40 STAATSOLIE 2021 ANNUAL REPORT'