b'In addition to oil resources, Staatsolie is confident in the current discoveries of natural gas deposits and the future discoveries of additional resources in the Suriname-Guyana Basin. Though gas finds are more challenging to develop, natural gas will play an increasingly important transitional role in the long-term shift from petroleum to cleaner sources of energy, for Suriname and for the world. A transition which is accelerated by geopolitical events impacting the international energy trade. Although we are in the very early stages, Staatsolie is actively exploring relationships with IOCs to seize these shifts as opportunities and monetize our natural gas potential for mutual benefit.Key actions include: A subsurface Suriname-Guyana Basin-wide concept study was performed incorporating historical well data and highlighting the presence of great quantities of gas resources. These estimated resources are in order of 14 TCF with a 90% probability. The study also identified possible domestic, regional, and international gas monetization scenarios.Based on the above results Staatsolie has engagedworld-class up- mid- and downstream gas operators to, in close collaboration with Staatsolie, further study gas development and off take scenarios.Assisting the Government in identifying potentiallarge gas offtake projects in Suriname, including bauxite and petrochemical. 9'