b'OFFSHOREThe Offshore directorate manages Staatsolie s participation in offshore oil and gas projects and supports the Staatsolie Hydrocarbon Institute (SHI) in preparing the licensing of the Offshore sector and governing the technical work of the offshore operators. Working closely with SHI and the Finance directorate, the Offshore directorate deploys deep technical knowledge and expertise to help Staatsolie partner with IOCs to participate in the development of Surinames hydrocarbon resources and to maximize their benefits to thecompany and the country.2021 SYNOPSISIn 2021, important steps were taken to realize our aspiration to be an operator alongsideIOC partners, particularly in the shallow offshore area.One strategy to prove our value to IOCsand to support SHI in its governance roleis to become Masters of our Basin. In 2021, we reorganized the Offshore directorate by integrating geoscientists and petroleum engineers into a single pool to gather, analyze and interpret high quality offshore data, subsurface resources and all the information needed to assess exploration and appraisal opportunities and maximize knowledge of the Suriname-Guyana Basin.We are also deepening the geo-technical, software and other skills and talents of our people with methods including on-the-job training, hands-on sessions with specialists, 36 STAATSOLIE 2021 ANNUAL REPORT'